Combined Accounting and Dispatching Services

Fast Way Guarantee Logistics provides specialized services for transportation companies such as dedicated software to optimize their business, dispatching, safety, and accounting services.

Combined Dispatch and Accounting Services provides insights on how Operations are impacting finances. Detail such as how much deadhead has impacted the profitability, or the impact of driver’s idle time Can be showcased financially.

Our clients are able to save time and increase profit. Simplifying the way work is performed leads to greater productivity.

How Do Accounting and Dispatch Work Together?

Why Us Fast Way Guarantee Logistics

At Fast Way Guarantee Logistics, we make sure that accounting and dispatching work together effectively. The accounting team is there to ensure that all your financial records are up-to-date and accurate and on the other hand, the dispatching team is there to make sure everything runs smoothly when it comes to getting materials from one place to another.

At Fast Way Guarantee Logistics, we are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective accounting services to all of our clients, including our trucking business partners. Our accounting services experts work closely with the operations and leadership team, in order to present a comprehensive financial and operational view.

Why Choose Us

We are a One-Stop Shop for all your Trucking needs. We provide Accounting, Dispatch, Trailer Rental, Compliance, Factoring, Insurance, etc.

We also provide synchronized accounting and operations to guarantee that revenue leakages are avoided. If there is a detention cost or lumper fee, the accounting team will be aware of it due to the co-located Operations Team and will assure its payment.

We offer a full Accounting and Operations View to guarantee that your business grows smoothly. We offer you the monthly closing, we also highlight which routes make financial sense.

We provide the lowest combo price of Accounting and Dispatch packages in the industry
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