Shipping freight for your business can be complicated. At Fast Way Guarantee Logistics, we help make the process simple so you look great in front of your customers.

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At Fast Way Guarantee Logistics, we believe in doing the right things. No matter what. Especially when it comes to serving others. We are a tight-knit team focused on creating innovative and quality products that drive success for our customers.

We are winners. It’s a safe, fun, and collaborative environment that empowers each other to do big things and achieve more together. We hold each other accountable to be better people whether at work, home, or on the road.

The road to success starts here.

We go way beyond the basic load board to make your job easier at every turn. From negotiating rates to finding routes, from managing paperwork to monitoring partners, from IFTA reporting to instant load-booking, look to our load board for easy handling of all your needs.

Extensive Experience And Asset Intensive

We Have Been An Integral Part Of The US Trucking Community For Many Years. We Are Currently Servicing 200+ Truck Dispatch And Have Several Trucks Of Our Own. We Have Hands-On Experience In Logistics And Are Familiar With All The Aspects Of This Business.

One Stop Shop

We Are A Part Of The MetroMax Group Of Companies. Our Group Has Operations, Investments, And Partners In All The Aspects Of The Transportation Value Chain –  Truck Dispatch, Factoring, Trailer Leasing, Insurance, Accounting Services, Digital Marketing. Driver Recruitment Etc… 

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What We Do


Reefer truck freight is any shipment that requires its temperature to be controlled, monitored, and maintained within specific limits.


A flatbed trailer is typical an open deck equipment that has neither a roof nor sides. It is mainly used for transporting heavy, oversized, wide and indelicate goods.


Dry Van Services is a type of semi-trailer that’s fully enclosed to protect shipments from harsh conditions of the environment.


A step-Deck trailer is a commercial trailer designed to carry tall cargo such as tractors, excavators and machinery that exceeds the legal height limit if transported on a traditional flatbed trailer.


Fast Way Guarantee Logistics Dispatch has exclusive connect with the top 100+ reputed Power Only brokers and shippers, so you don’t have to sit idle in search of loads instead of driving.

Worried About Choosing the Wrong Provider?

We know how much is at stake for you and your customers. Picking the wrong transportation provider can be truly damaging to your business. Rest easy knowing 5,000+ customers — including our very first one from 1998 — trust us with their freight each day.

Advantages of Dispatch Services

Data Management

Experts, Experienced Dispatchers.

Payless Earn More

Optimally Priced.

24/7 support

24*7*365 Days Dispatch Support.

Billing & Invoicing

End-To-End Paperwork Including Carrier Setup Etc…

Dispatch Software

We Dispatch Drivers Through Our Mobile Phone App.

Growth Flexibility

Dedicated Dispatchers For Your Company.


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